Give your character a voice | Adam Ritchie at Massive Entertainment
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Give your character a voice | Adam Ritchie at Massive Entertainment

Join us when Adam guides us through the steps to give your game character a voice. ✨Friday Stories - a unique talk + jam series for indie game developer✨ The Great Journey and Futuregames work together with the video game industry to bring lectures and workshops to promote diversity, inclusive game design and sustainable development. Show Adam and Massive Entertainment love 👉 Links from the last slide: - Voice design reseource👉 - NPC Voice Design in The Division 2 👉 - Realistic Performances in Games 👉 - Do You Copy? Dialog System and Tools in Firewatch 👉 - Finding Space For Sound: Environmental Acoustics in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 👉 - GDC Youtube Channel 👉 🔴 Subscribe for more talks like this 👉 ----- 🕹️ Check out our season 1 playlist 👉 🕹️ Check out our season 2 playlist 👉 Here you find speakers from indie studios, AAA studios, VR studios and much more! ----- The Great Journey is a community, workspace and a place where game developers get support. The Hub is located at Karlstad Innovation Park in Karlstad. ✅ Website 👉 ✅ LinkedIn 👉 ✅ Newsletter 👉 ✅ Discord 👉 The Great Journey and our events are made possible with the support of the European Regional Development Fund, Region Värmland, Karlstad Innovation Park and Embracer Group. #gamedevelopment #voicedesign #massiveentertainment

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