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The aim for this website is to be a portal where the sum of online information on Voice Design can be aggregated, for the benefit of both Voice/Dialogue/VO/Speech Designers (and the Supervisors, Coordinators, and the many other names we go by!) and folks interested in starting a career working with voice inhouse in game development.

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Voice Design?

Voice Design (or Dialogue Design/VO Design) is a discipline which encompasses all aspects of design, production and implementation for voice in games; supporting gameplay, narrative, and the wider style & tone of a project.

This could include... 

  • Scripted Sequences

  • Systemic Barks Systems

  • Vocalisation & Breathing Systems

  • Crowds & Walla Systems

  • Constructed Languages

  • Casting

  • Recording & Engineering

  • Voice Direction

  • Editorial

  • Vocal Design (for creatures/robots/etc)

  • Mastering

  • Runtime FX

  • Designing any associated SFX (eg: radio squelches)

  • Pre-mixing & Cooldown/Playback Balancing

  • Localization

  • Mixing

About: Text
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